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Handheld Laser Welding Machines and Laser Cleaning Machines





Laser Power:


Welding Metal:

Stainless steel, Mild steel, Galvanized sheet


$3600 to $9400/set

Laser Welding and Laser Cleaning Machine Description

M.Rise laser welding machine & laser cleaning machine is a newly developed three-in-one functional machine, which integrates welding, cleaning and cutting.
The welding precision is high, the gap is beautiful and firm. The cleaning function is very powerful, and it has a very good cleaning effect on oil stains, weld marks, dust and paint.

Laser Welding and Laser Cleaning Machine Video

Machine Details

laser welding equipment
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laser welding machine cover laser welding equipment

Compact body, efficient welding

Flexible switch between welding, cleaning and cutting;

The welding speed is 3- 10 times that of traditional argon arc welding and plasma welding;

The welding heat-affected area is small, which will not cause problems such as co-construction deformation, blackening, and traces on the back, and the welding depth is large, the melting is sufficient, and the welding is firm.

laser welding machine laser head

to meet different welding needs

6 kinds of welding modes, a variety of welding nozzles, to meet different welding needs;

With safety sensing function, laser will be emitted after touching the metal, and the light will be automatically locked when it is removed;

Spiral shaking function, the weld width can be adjusted, and the welding ability is significantly improved.

laser welding machine controller

Three-in-one control system

Flexible switching between welding, cleaning and cutting, multiple safety alarms are set, and the operation is simple and flexible.

More stable: All parameters are visible, real-time monitoring of the machine status, voiding problems in advance, onvenient for troubleshooting and olving
problems, and ensuring the stable operation of the ystem.

Process parameters can be set,lexible to try various process ffects.

With a certain nozzle air pressure and lens state, as long as the laser power is stable, the process parameters must be repeatable, which greatly improves the efficiency.

laser welding machine laser source MAX

High power laser

Integrates high power, compact size, user-friendly
control, high-quality beam quality, and high light
conversion efficiency;

Single-pump control technology can be used to achieve independent control, and it can still run after quickly shutting down a single abnormal pump source;

Optoelectroni separation design is adopted, and the
optical path or circuit module can be quickly replaced on site.

laser welding machine chiller

Water cooler

Dual temperature and dual control, circulating water
circuit, can quickly cool the internal pipeline cavity of the
welding head, and at the same time cool down the laser.

laser welding machine fiber laser cable

Standard 10m welding torch connection optical fiber

Routinely equipped with 10 meters of high-quality optical fiber, which can realize flexible welding in long distances and large areas, and reduce operation limitations.

Machine Parameter





Machine Model



Laser Power

1kw, 1.5kw, 2kw, 3kw


Fiber Cable Length



Spot range



Output power stability



Auxiliary gas

Nitrogen, Argon


Machine Size



Machine Weight




CO2 laser machines laser welders laser welding machine package


1. Warranty for 3years of whole machine;.

Laser source, Air compressor, Stabilizer warranty for 2 years;

If any parts are damaged during the warranty period, we will repair or replace them with new ones free of charge.

2. Whole lifetime and 24 hours online service.

Free technical support to guide the customer by WhatsApp, Wechat, Skype, Viber, E-mail for installation, maintenance, repair and software update.

3. The machine has undergone strict quality inspection and debugging before shipment.

And we already gained CE, FDA, ISO certificates, ect. So that we can export to any countries and areas in the world.

4. We have manual instruction, Videosand CD/U disk for software installation,operation and machine’s using and maintenance.

5. We provide the consumable parts at an agency price.

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